Mr. St. Nick

NR 1 hr 27 min

King Nicholas XX, commonly known as Santa is ready to pass his throne, his toys, and his powers to the Crown Prince, Nick St. Nicholas. But the younger Santa-to-be has other priorities -- like a conga line in his lavish seaside estate. With his own powers beginning to wane, the elder Santa has to persuade his son to find a queen, head for home, and take up the torch.

Starring: Kelsey Grammer, Elaine Hendrix, Ana Ortiz

Directed by : Craig Zisk


Holiday / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 27 min


United States


Nick St. Nicholas: Kelsey Grammer

Heidi Gardelle: Elaine Hendrix

Lorena: Ana Ortiz


Directed by: Craig Zisk

Teleplay: Maryedith Burrell

Teleplay: Debra Frank

Teleplay: Steve L. Hayes

Executive Producer: Robert Halmi Sr.

Music: John Altman

Director of Photography: David Franco

Film Editing By: Roger Mattiussi