Murder 101: The Locked Room Mystery

TV-PG 1 hr 26 min

Samuel (Charles Shaughnessy) is a new age healer who is murdered while inside a locked "meditation chamber," so it's up to Professor Jonathan Maxwell (Dick Van Dyke) and Mike Bryant (Barry Van Dyke) to figure out both who did it, and how.

Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Mia Cottet





Run Time

1 hr 26 min


United States


Dr. Jonathan Maxwell: Dick Van Dyke

Mike Bryant: Barry Van Dyke

Arielle: Mia Cottet

Ben Manners: Shane Van Dyke

Solar: Carey Van Dyke

Panache: Scoot McNairy

Camilla Meera: Susan Blakely

Donald Merit: Ned Schmidtke

Devi Kanesh: Anjul Nigam

Jasmine Celestine: Wendy Glenn

Sheriff Bob Monroe: Glynn Turman

Samuel: Charles Shaughnessy